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A man and woman couple, “first time curious – mw4m,” looking to meet a MAN for some FUN

times found such ecstasy in the following way:

In the past, a significant other (“SO”) and I met a husband and wife (h and w) psychology team at a friend’s small, intimate pool party and the four of us were immediately attracted to each other. When the day turned to night, as we soaked nude in the Jacuzzi, the psychologists discussed their individual histories, disclosing that the husband (h) psychologist embraced his bisexuality very early in life, while the wife (w) psychologist embraced her bisexuality later in life. The warm summer heat and the sexual tension amongst the four of us that day led to each of us discussing our personal sexual fantasies.

Since we hit it off so well h suggested the four of us move to our friend’s guest bedroom where we could hold a “clearing” session that would begin to prepare us for actually exploring together our personal sexual fantasies. This initial private time together included hugs, rubs and tugs. Further, and most importantly, we cleared societies created and imposed road blocks to loving (1) every person, (2) multiple people and (3) sexual acts, regardless of each other’s gender. We did this via group meditation where h’s words and guided actions prompted us to remove inhibitions that were societal based. We repeated words after him and we followed his physical lead. We dealt with all blockages that society has placed on those in the Western cultures. In short order, loving each other physically, mentally and sensually became very desirable and personally acceptable, without regrets, but with heightened pleasure.

Upon leaving the party, the four of us made plans to get together to explore our personal sexual fantasies in future sessions that would be held at the psychology team’s office. These sessions with this couple proved very interesting and led to erotic closeness that included hw-mf, hw-m, hw-f, h-mf, h-m, h-w, w-mf, w-m and w-f (nine permutations).

The planned sessions included two, three or four of us joining together in one of the nine permutations outlined above. These sessions enabled us to explore each of our personal sexual fantasies, preferences and desires. There was significant erotic discussion and lab work amongst those at each session. Discussion included erotic role playing that led to those present being undressed and prepared for that session’s lab work. Sometimes everybody was actively involved, while other times one or two of us looked on.

The manner in which the undressing for each session’s lab work took place was in and of itself erotic. As we approached the time for lab work, those of us in attendance formed a lab work circle on the floor and proceeded to undress the person to our left. Once we were all undressed we prepped the person to our right. Females would have warming gel applied to their clit, while lube would be applied to the male sexual organ. Then everybody would join in genital massage and erotic kissing, as the group went clockwise around the circle giving full attention to the one person whose turn it was to relax and be pleasured by all.

All lab work was performed in the nude and always began with an erotic embrace that was very calming and sensual. With our sexual heat kick started by this embrace, we each pursued a personal journey of growth. Our individual yin and yang together propelled each of us into a state of unbiased bisexual thoughts and hunger that prompted us to make love to the individuals in our presence, rather than to a man or woman, as we balanced our yin and yang.

Early on, SO’s bisexuality was discussed at length, and explored even more fully between w-f and hw-f. The two women were smitten by each other and very into orally pleasuring one another. This became very evident at the various sessions. In addition, SO found her time with h to be very welcome. He was very handsome and knew how to turn her on. I grew to enjoy watching the chemistry between them. In Tantric Sex (see below, page 6), we learned from our new friends that “compersion” is a very healthy attitude that enabled the love and bond between us (m and f) to grow exponentially.

Compersion is an experience where one is uplifted when one’s partner is uplifted through experiences that he or she shares with others, including when those experiences involve love and sexuality. It is the acceptance that those you love can love others and the capacity to experience pleasure, and even joy and turn-on, when this occurs. Compersion may be playful or soulful, mental or sensual, and it can either stretch boundaries or provide the opportunity to stretch into already extended boundaries with a variety of individuals or couples.

The four of us regularly explored situations in which we all had the opportunity to experience or develop our compersionate nature in an enriching and supportive atmosphere. Our capacity to love and enjoy one another grew each time we got together. Every permutation and every session pushed us all to the heights of nirvana (heavenly paradise). Nothing was taboo and nothing was off limits, as long as we all felt loved and made each other feel loved.

SO loved to talk to me about how h was very good at bringing her off. She would tell me that he always had the ability to get her squirting with excitement and keep her cumming for an extended period of time. SO had always been a squirter, but SO would tell me that she enjoyed now having two men in her life that could get her squirting. In addition, w was as good as h at providing SO with oral sex, so SO looked forward to therapy with h, w or, even better, h and w, so they could double team her. The thing that brought all this home to me in such a personal, enjoyable manner was how much wetter SO got during our love making sessions at home when she would tell me of her latest thoughts and/or encounters with h and/or w.

The therapy and SO’s enjoyment of her bisexuality prompted us to attend parties that were held for the women to make love to each other, while men only viewed this action. SO would tell me that the amount of her spray and the intensity of her orgasm were more when she was on stage in front of me . . . or for that matter whenever she sexually performed in front of others (both men and/or women) who viewed her performing at these parties.

At our first session (hw-mf), h discussed at length his bisexuality, and the level of his sexual attraction to me, including dreams he had during the days that followed the pool party where we first met. Next, SO discussed at length her bisexuality, including her attraction to w. Of course the four of us then discussed these attractions at length. Everything that was said and done was preparing us all for the second session. The second session (hw-mf) was looser and more comfortable with respect to interaction. That said, it was more structured relative to seating and lab work. The seating arrangements provided for h-m to sit together on one love seat sofa and w-f to sit together on the other love seat sofa.

The two sofas faced each other. The psychologists each led their own segment of what was in total at least a three hour session. They traded off discussing male bisexuality and female bisexuality, and infused lab work as they discussed our fantasies, preferences and desires, including their own. With regard to h he once again declared his attraction to me that included (in h’s words) my “shaved” body, my “beautiful” organ and my “pleasant” personality. While w disclosed her attraction to SO that included (in w’s words) her “shaved” pussy, her “enhanced” breasts and her “sensuality.” When h lectured, w would erotically rub f and when w lectured, h would erotically rub me. All of this was preparatory to male and female bisexual love making that unfolded under the guidance of these psychologists who slowly, orally and very erotically drove us all full steam ahead.

The initial office in which the first couple of sessions commenced was for sitting on furniture or the floor, while an adjacent office with a mirrored ceiling had a very large round bed that comfortably held the four of us and served as a workshop. Tantric Sex exercises and every other form of lab work was enjoyed by all in this room, as it became the room of choice.

SO and myself, individually on occasion would proclaim the need for a therapy session that excluded the other and was one of the possible remaining permutations that excluded f or m. In fact, it got to the point that sometimes h and/or w would call one or both of us for an erotic personal exchange. Although the two were licensed psychologists, our relationships with them, including all its permutations, actually began outside the office in a manner that we all acknowledged was to proceed in a manner that fell outside their professional practice . . . as friends we knew we were going to grow intimate relationships with strong bonds.


Eventually, our sessions moved to their home where there was more room to spread out and other features to enjoy . . . bedrooms, playroom, cellar, gym, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, bar, etc. I so vividly remember our first rendezvous at their home. The minute we got their h took me and w took SO in opposite directions to give each of us the quarter tour of their home. Both were anxious to show each of us the place where their fantasies ran wild, for example, h could not wait to show me the bar and gym, while w could not wait to show SO the playroom and sauna.


Our host and hostess proceeded to serve each of us an alcoholic beverage that broke the ice for what lay ahead. At the bar, h prepared super-sized apple martinis for us, and in the playroom, w served red wine to SO. After the boys’ martinis, they went to the gym for a light workout using machines, benches and exercises that prompted erotic behavior between them. After the girls’ red wine, they went to the sauna for a relaxation period that prompted erotic behavior between them. Each couple (hm and wf) erotically got off, and then proceeded to the living room for fun.

They commenced massaging and pleasuring each other (all gender permutations) for about an hour.

During this time, three of w’s invited girlfriends arrived, so eventually there were five girls present at the home. Once these girlfriends arrived, all five women enjoyed a smoke in the hallway, before moving to the master bedroom for an all-girl orgy, while the men continued to occupy the living room on the sofa in front of the fireplace where h commenced rolling out erotic acts for the men to enjoy.

The men and the women, as two separate groups, enjoyed knowing what was going on with the other group in the other room, so each group periodically took a break and spent time viewing the other group’s playtime. At one point, the girls saw the guys smoking, as they talked and played with each other. The smoke, the conversation and the physicality was clearly intoxicating for these uninhibited men in search of the ultimate love-making experience between men that knew how to pleasure other men, as they brought each other off and drank each other’s tasty nectar.

Probably the most memorable thing that flowed from us meeting and interacting with h and w was that SO developed a hunger for female intimacy. She especially enjoyed evenings when each gal in attendance would drop a pill and begin a journey to the outer limits of loving eroticism. Henceforth, at least once a month SO made plans with one or more of the female lovers that were at the lesbian orgy and those she later met by enjoying a regular girls’ night out.

She told me that making love to another woman is indescribable. She further said it can’t be compared to making love to a man. It is totally different she proclaimed, since there is a bonding of sisterhood that can only unfold between women who know (with fabulous precision) the sensual and sexual buttons to push and the order in which to push them. She said that nothing compares to the aroma of a woman’s wet pussy, the sweetness of a woman’s orgasmic nectar or the softness of a woman’s seductive kiss.

She proclaimed every woman should seek and experience the enlightenment brought forth by women making love to each other. It is a wonderful experience that lasts for days, and sometimes for weeks, afterwards, calming a woman’s physical and emotional being, as it also continues to titillate her loving mind. It was this regular extended calming that drove SO to want it at least once a month, and time permitting, twice a month. Interestingly, I encouraged her escapades, because our relationship grew by leaps and bounds as her presence and our relationship grew visibly calmer and more loving. She too began to hunger for conpersionate acts that included bringing another man into our bedroom for sexual expression that took the three of us over the top.

Tantra is a mystical subject that is nearly impossible to define. Tantra is a spiritual, sexual science that is not static in its definition.

When we embrace Tantra, we become more “complete.” By identifying and stimulating our innate sensual spirituality, we discover parts of ourselves that have been repressed. Above all, we can learn to use Tantric energy for sexual pleasure and awareness.

Familiarity with Tantra can help a person enjoy their sex life to its fullest potential. It can help do away with guilt or fear, and Tantra can break down self-imposed or limiting cultural boundaries (as is the case in most Western societies).

Tantra teaches us to become familiar with our mystical nature, and when we do so, our boundaries (sexual and otherwise) expand. We enter into new realms of awareness, become empowered and are more fulfilled. In addition, the orgasms experienced in this state of consciousness are incredible, explosive and potentially unending. Now, isn’t Tantra worth a shot?


Tantra is about sexual freedom


antra is the total surrender of all mental, emotional and cultural conditioning, so that universal life energy can flow through you freely. Tantra not only expands consciousness, it liberates it.


Tantra treats sexual energy as an ally, rather than something to be suppressed or discussed behind closed doors. It does not deny sex, in fact Tantra does the opposite by embracing sex.


Tantra is the only spiritual practice that states that sex is sacred and not a sin — even outside of



There is a beautiful word for sex in the Sanskrit language, and that word is Kama, which means that sex and love go together; they’re undivided and indivisible. Most everyone is familiar with the classic 7th century Tantric scripture Kama Sutra, which deals directly with sex and love.


Tantra unites


The essence of Tantra is the full expression of existence; a merging with, rather than a withdrawing from, sexual energy. This energy is used as an ignition for firing the body’s biological energy system, merging it (and you) with universal energy.


In Tantra, sex is used as the cosmic union of opposites, to create the polarity charge that connects with the primordial energy from which everything arises in the universe. In Tantra, sex is the totality of All.

The basic difference between unenlightened sexuality and Tantra is that sex becomes sacred and divine when you approach it from your heart and body, rather than solely from your mind. Tantra teaches you how to achieve this heightened sexuality.


Tantra and sexual awareness

Tantric sex is meditative, spontaneous and very intimate lovemaking. With Tantra you learn to prolong the act of making love and to focus on, rather than dispel, potent orgasmic energies moving through you, thereby raising the level of your consciousness.

Tantra transports sexuality from simply doing to actually being. There is no final sexual goal in Tantra, only the present moment of an ideal, harmonious union. Tantra teaches you to worship your sexual partner and to transform the act of sex into a sacrament of love.

Lovemaking between two partners, when entered with awareness, can be a gateway to sexual and spiritual ecstasy alike. Tantra, through sex, attempts to awaken powerful psychic energies within through which we can enter into higher states of consciousness.

The power of ecstasy

Imagine that you and your partner could merge the dual nature of your sexualities into an ecstatic union through the act of lovemaking. Tantra will teach you and your lover how to merge your sexual energies into a ball of ecstatic bliss.  As sexual beings, we have the ability to raise the energy levels within our bodies and use it to experience mystical states of consciousness. In effect, we become “gods” of our own bodies.  Tantra will help you transcend the boundaries of your mind, using sexuality and energy.

Remember that you should always maintain eye contact with your partner and allow yourself to feel. Your entire existence should be involved in the process. And your soul, according to Tantra, completes the experience. Communication is still the greatest key to a healthy sexual relationship, so talk before, during and after your sessions.


DOUBLE PENETRATION: A PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT by Janet Kira Lessin www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com


When you experience, as I did, two or more of your male poly lovers simultaneous entering you in tantric oneness, you open your inner stargate, touch the face of God and remember your source. As you embrace two or even three magic wands, the lingams (as we call penises) with your most sensitive inner sensual shrines, you feel ecstasy, get total personal and transpersonal recall. You drop concepts of physics, science and religion and instead zoom, as your multidimensional self, through space and time. You and the beloveds entering you merge with divinity, source of all inchoate forms. Home, you experience everything everyone told you as illusion and, at the same time, truth.


I had my double penetration satori the third night at a month-long love-in Sasha and I hosted for nine lovers (five women and four men) on Maui. We’d filled half our spacious living room with colorfully-covered mattresses. Two of the women were new to us, but we’d vetted them carefully and knew we’d go deep with them. Awkward at first, all nine of us eased into nude housekeeping and, by the third evening, lovemaking.


Up to that third evening together, I’d shared some tantric breath, fondling, kissing and genital honoring with some, but I mostly made passionate love with Sash. We nine morphed from one kamasutra-like sexual configuration to the next. As Sasha lay on his back, I lowered myself onto his wand. We held each other’s gaze, then tongue-kissed; our tongues stroked sacred erotic sectors in each other’s mouths.


As I opened my cave and took him inside, hugging his wand with my yoni (vagina), I again got who Sash and I truly are: ancient lovers in modern form. I saw, in the mirror, my tiny, porcelain-like body draped over his deeply tanned athletic form.


As we moved our pelvises in our eternal rhythm, Sash delicately tapped, then probed my rosebud (as we call the anal opening) with his finger, preparing me for delights to come. My amrita (female ejaculate) flowed and we sang out in the rising momentum of our lovemaking.

Then new hands, not Sasha’s, reverently caressed my bottom. I turned and saw Woody–our beautiful slender, blond, long-time lover—ask me with his eyes to join us. “Yes, please,” I invited.


I leaned forward, breasts against Sasha’s chest. Woody, from behind me, eased his wand to where Sasha and I joined genitals. I opened my amrita-lubricated yoni to let Woody’s wand snuggle in, a millimeter at a time, next to Sasha’s. Both lingams fully inside, I squeezed my pc muscles on them and they both swelled within me. I felt the electricity of Woody’s and Sasha’s wands against each other as both gradually expanded deeper into me. I quivered as waves of bliss radiated from my yoni where my guys’ penises pulsed. Waves of bliss became a continuously pulse of pleasure for all three of us as Sasha and Woody’s penises reached my A- spot, the erogenous area next to my cervix. The three of us lost our separate self-senses, experienced triadic consciousness. I’d heard that some sages achieve pure grace, but never believed I could while alive. But here I was in continuous euphoric bliss, one unending Oneness.


Allness engulfed not only Sash, Woody and me, but also the others on our giant mattress. All nine of us shared this divine space and joined our sacred worship of the magnificence of the Universe. I felt the cosmos open. Floor, walls, ceiling, all physical things dissolved. We nine shed the time/space continuum and stood in the stars. The void embraced us, absorbed us in the magnificence of creation and simultaneous stillness. Even the solar winds paused to hear the divine prayer in the form of our loving congress. All that there is, was and will be witnessed us as we reunited with Source. I was the orgasm, the orgiastic energy, the divine spark that created us all.


You too can use group synergy, tantric lovemaking, polyamorous merging and multiple penetration to achieve the state of pure Sex Magick necessary to take women to this divine state needed to heal the world. With the intention of pure love and respect for life and all consciousness, we can shift the Morphogenic Field and create higher love and light. Together we stop war, pollution, overpopulation, disease and hunger. Our natural state is loving oneness. Multiple loving allows us to feel oneness and is instrumental in providing Earth and all her peoples a civilized civilization that respects all life. Through our love, we give every one of us the peace, love, dignity and grace we deserve.



Excerpt from Janet’s book: POLYAMORY, MANY LOVES: The Poly-Tantric Lifestyle http://www.schooloftantra.net/Store/Books/PolyamoryManyLoves.htm
janetlessin@gmail.com worldpolyamory@aol.com www.schooloftantra.com

Club Tantra Parties

Thank you everyone for calling. We’re moving our monthly meeting to the 1st Saturday of the month. Some months we may have to move it to the 2nd Saturday due to other obligations. Our goal is to meet once a month.

Please feel free to contact us at clubtantra@gmail.com or phone 808-244-4103.

Your club hosts are Janet Kira Lessin and Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.

First Saturday, Monthly – Waiehu, Maui, Hawaii

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Welcome to Club Tantra

In ancient times tantra cemented relationships and created deep, intimate connections between and among divine beloveds.  At the Temple of Tantra, couples practice what they’ve learned in private instruction, beginner’s level groups, weekend seminars or Tantra School so or
they can master the art of sacred loving. At Club Tantra we create a core of friends who live here in the islands and visit who may even become lovers if they’re polyamorously oriented. Couples opt to stay with each other or interact with other couples while developing skills that keep their primary relationship alive, healthy, happy and vibrant.

Club Tantra is a remedy for dull relating.  Here you can break out and have fun where it’s safe,
private and confidential.  All the others who attend have learned the basic of tantra and are actively engaged in their own private practice with one another with a strong desire to feel comfortable while learning more.

Our format�s unique with fun mixers, tantra demos and coached practice following by an intimate party. Many rave about this experience. This is our most successful event. We’re now in our 14th year. Located in Maui, Hawaii, our highly-trained professional staff supports and encourages you to maximize your experience. You enjoy learning tantra in a safe, playful atmosphere.  You take home skills you use the rest of your life.  You transform yourself and your relationship, taking it to new heights of love and joy which will help you last till old age and beyond clear to eternity.